Happy Anniversary Lynn!

Today we celebrate our executive director’s ninth anniversary at MBF. Our founder, our board of directors, and our team would like to thank Lynn Layton for nearly a decade of dedication to protecting children from abuse and victimization.

Monique Burr was a devoted child advocate, giving her time and efforts to better the lives of abused and needy children. She was killed in a tragic accident in 1996, and a year later her husband, Edward Burr, started the Monique Burr Foundation for Children (MBF) to continue her work and her legacy.

The foundation has provided a variety of child advocacy and child protective services over the years. However, when Lynn joined MBF, her goal was to do one thing and be the best at that one thing. That one thing was prevention education designed to protect children from abuse, bullying, and other dangers they faced. She has done that and more. In the past nine years, MBF has grown from a small foundation in Northeast Florida providing prevention education to a few thousand children, into the leading statewide organization providing the best prevention programs available to protect children.

MBF now offers two programs, and a third will be available soon. MBF Child Safety Matters™ has reached over 1.6 million elementary students throughout Florida, and MBF Teen Safety Matters™ is now available to middle schools. MBF Child Safety Matters is Cool After School will be available to after-school and other youth serving programs in the spring. Our programs are endorsed and supported by leading national experts in the education and prevention fields, and we continue with ongoing program evaluations as we work toward evidence-based status.

There is no doubt our programs are protecting children and saving lives, and with Lynn’s ongoing leadership, we are continuing Monique’s legacy every day. Thank you, Lynn, for your tireless work, unwavering commitment to protecting children, and for your remarkable leadership at MBF.

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