MBF Summer Safety Matters

Did you know that the MBF Child Safety Matters™ 5 Safety Rules can help keep kids safe over the summer as well as during the school year?  During summer, children are more likely to be in  unsafe situations because parents have to work and childcare can pose a challenge, or children may be in unsupervised groups or with unfamiliar relatives, neighbors, or babysitters.

To help parents better protect their children, we are excited to announce our MBF Summer Safety Matters campaign. Visit our website to find information and resources about summer safety, as well as earn chances to win tickets for a summer family trip by reviewing our brief lessons with your child(ren), and participating in quizzes on these topics:

  • The 5 Safety Rules
  • Safe Adults
  • New Places
  • Unfamiliar Faces
  • Screentime

You can find this information, plus other helpful resources to keep your child(ren) safe by visiting

Thank you for agreeing that Child Safety Matters!

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