Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your programs evidence-based?

A. Our MBF Child Safety Matters® program is an evidence-based program. Two independent research studies have examined the effectiveness of the program with positive results for both student knowledge gains and facilitator implementation fidelity. MBF has additional comprehensive, evidence-informed programs, which were developed based on the same theoretical knowledge and research best-practices. We are committed to ongoing research to ensure the efficacy of our programs. Learn more by visiting our Research page.


Q. How are the programs delivered?

A. MBF Child Safety Matters® and MBF Teen Safety Matters® are grade-specific programs intended to be delivered in a classroom setting. A trained facilitator uses fun and engaging PowerPoints and facilitator scripts to deliver the turnkey lessons.

MBF Athlete Safety Matters™ and MBF After-School Safety Matters™ are delivered to youth in grade-level clusters (K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th grades) in settings outside of schools.

You can learn more about each program by clicking on the specific program in the main website drop-down menu.


Q. How do I get the program/How much does it cost?

A. Florida public schools are provided program materials at no cost through a generous appropriation from the Office of the Florida Attorney General. If you are a Florida public school, or an organization partnering with a Florida public school to provide the program, please visit to order materials.

Private schools, and schools and organizations outside of Florida, can purchase the program. Materials are provided at a reasonable cost and school bundles, which include materials for all grades, are offered at a discounted rate. Purchasing materials gives you access to program updates and online Facilitator training and support for your organization for 3 years. Learn more about our products and pricing here.

If you would like to order/purchase materials for multiple schools or a district or region, please contact us at for custom orders/pricing.


Q. Do you offer any financial assistance?

A. While we cannot provide financial assistance to purchase materials, we do offer support in accessing grants and other types of financial support. We provide you with the following materials to assist you in obtaining funding and other support:

If you need additional assistance, we are happy to help in any way we can.


Q. Do I have to be trained to provide the program?

A. Our expectation is that prior to implementing the classroom lessons, anyone who will be facilitating lesssons will complete the Facilitator Training. You will receive access to a two-hour online training course with your materials.


Q. What if I don’t have time to present the lessons to all classes?

A. We hope that you will find the time to present the lessons to all students to ensure every child receives this critical safety information, however we also understand that it might be impractical for you to reach every student and support your efforts to reach any students. You may order materials for just the grades you anticipate presenting to, or you may order materials for all grades and seek out blocks of time to get into additional grades and classes.


Q. Can I combine classes to present the lessons?

A. We ask that you please not combine classrooms as the nature of some of the discussions might cause students to limit their participation if they are around unfamiliar students or in too large a group.


Q. How far apart should lessons 1 and 2 be presented?

A. Best practice is at least one to two weeks and no more than six weeks. Presenting within this timeframe allows the opportunity for repetition and helps ensure students don’t forget the concepts learned in previous lessons, such as the Safety Rules, etc. However, we also understand given academic priorities and limited classroom time, it may not be possible to space lessons in this way. In these situations we encourage you to implement lessons in the time frame that will work for your school.


Q. What about parents being educated and informed; how are parents included?

A. There is information and reinforcement materials included for parents with each lesson. Additionally, if your school chooses to use it, there is a Parent Opt-Out and Welcome Form you can use prior to implementing lessons which helps inform parents about the program. The Safety Connection: Parent Information & Activity Sheets that go home with students after each lesson highlight information about what children learned and what parents can do to reinforce that learning. There is also an activity for parents to do with their children. There are also supplemental materials, such as Safety Briefs and a Safety Matters Information PowerPoint, available on the Facilitator Flash Drive to assist with engaging and educating parents.


Q. Are program materials available in other languages?

A. Currently, our curriculum materials are only available in English. However, all reinforcement items that go home to parents, guardians, and Safe Adults are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian/Creole.


Q. I’m a parent and my school isn’t using your programs. How can I get them to teach these lessons?

A. Reach out to your school principal and/or school counselor and share our information. Download our email template to help.