MBF After-School Safety Matters

MBF After-School Safety Matters® is a comprehensive, evidence-informed prevention education program for youth in grades K-8 in after-school programs and youth-serving organizations. The program teaches children and adults how to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to the four types of child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, neglect), bullying, cyberbullying, and digital dangers. It is presented to youth in grade-level clusters (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8) with 6 topic-specific lessons (30 – 60 minutes each) by trained facilitators using a turnkey script. The lessons include lectures, group discussions, skills-practice activities, games, and crafts.

Program Features and Benefits:


Program Topics

Lesson 1: The MBF 5 Safety Rules

Lesson 2: Bullying

Lesson 3: Cyberbullying

Lesson 4: Abuse

Lesson 5: Digital Safety

Lesson 6: Digital Citizenship


Reinforcement Materials

Additional reinforcement materials for parents, classrooms, and schools are also available.


  • Online Facilitator Training
  • Printed Curriculum Kit with lesson scripts, visual cards, and activities
  • One Safety Rules Poster is included
  • Additional materials and reinforcements available on the Facilitator Portal


  • Six lessons for youth in grade-level clusters K-2, 3-5, and 6-8
  • Fun and engaging activities complement the lessons


  • Parent Opt-Out Forms
  • Parent Information Sheets
  • Online Parent Training


Information and resources for parents/guardians, staff, volunteers, and other interested community members are available on the MBF website, www.mbfpreventioneducation.org.

A mobile app, “Child Safety Matters,” is available at no cost from the App Store or Google Play and teaches parents and professionals how to better protect youth.


Program Overview


Pricing and Ordering

*Materials are provided at no cost to Florida public schools and organizations partnering with
Florida public schools through a generous appropriation from the Florida Office of the Attorney General.
To order materials for Florida public schools, please click here.

What They're Saying...

The MBF Teen Safety Matters curriculum hosts an in-depth approach to important social and safety concerns relevant to youth. The program content is age-appropriate with engaging activities, jargon, and realistic situations to positively promote a relatable and impacting learning experience…Teen Safety Matters is an educational benefit to all parties involved – students, parents, facilitators, and schools.

The MBF Child Safety Matters program is impressive. This important information is well formulated and well presented, developmentally appropriate, and based on good understanding of literature.

I heard about the program through my son. He came home…and showed me the safety rules. I cannot thank the Foundation enough; to have other people who are also concerned about my child’s safety and the safety of other kids is wonderful. I especially like the program’s focus on the prevention side.